Our Products

Kush shellfish come from the clean, Class A waters (the best possible shellfish-growing classification) of Kenmare Bay, in southwest Ireland.

Our Shellfish

  • Our rope cultivated organic Irish mussels are deliciously juicy and sweet, with a delicate taste and a hint of saltiness.
  • Our Pacific Oysters and periwinkles have a particular taste which is reflective of their production in a bioreserve.

Live Mussels


  • 22kg bags of trained mussels.
  • Bulk Fresh, 1 tonne bag.


Our rope cultivated organic mussels are deliciously juicy with a delicate taste and a hint of saltiness. These quality, organic mussels can be supplied live, or chilled.


Our Pacific Oysters are also grown in the Kenmare Bay SAC (Special Area of Conservation). The meat has a unique taste that is the result of our location in sheltered Atlantic waters. Our site is a 100% disease free site and is listed as a surveillance site by the Marine Institute of Ireland.


Our periwinkles are picked in Kenmare bay at low tide during full and new moon phases.