Kush Shellfish - Company Profile

Kush Shellfish is a family run Irish seafood business based in Kenmare, on the scenic south west coast of Ireland. Established in 1987, our company has built an excellent reputation for premium Irish shellfish combined with quality customer service.

Our organic rope mussels are grown in Class A waters, a Special Area of Conservation, in the deep, clear Atlantic waters of Kenmare Bay on the south west coast of Ireland. The waters are monitored for biotoxins weekly by the Marine Institute of Ireland. Our oysters, also produced in the Special Area of Conservation, come from a 100% disease free status site.

Our company director, John Harrington, is proud to have built a seafood business with a distinguished reputation for quality produce and reliable customer service.

In establishing our seafood company over 35 years ago, we always subscribed to our mission statement of delivering premium shellfish that are naturally fresh and naturally on time. This is a philosophy that our business still holds dear. As our company expands, we have pledged to remain true to our founding principles of quality and customer service at all times.

Kush Shellfish is Ireland's first organic shellfish producer and is the only shellfish company worldwide to hold all the following certifications:

  • Naturland
  • Biosuisse
  • I.O.A (Irish Organic Association)
  • Origin Green

Kush shellfish has pioneered the organic and sustainable pathway for Irish shellfish.

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