Environmental policy statement

Environmental Policy Statement

Rope mussel production using natural collection methods has been prevalent since 1980. The natural hatchery and oceanographic conditions have led the industry in this direction. A very suitable mussel for fresh market in France is produced annually and resembles the Bouchot in France. The mussels are grown on reusable materials.

The collection materials are hung vertically from longlines of 30 barrels attached to a double headrope of 100meters.. The density of collectors can be much higher at settlement stage and reduced as the mussels mature.

All our operations depend on a clean environment. Thus we respect the environment we work in, support sustainable development and are committed to environmentally sound business practices. To fulfill this commitment, we:

  • Ensure compliance with the law and those higher or voluntary standards to which we subscribe;
  • Continue to improve our environmental performance;
  • Reduce waste, conserve energy and explore opportunities for re-use and recycling;
  • Ensure that employees are aware of the companies’ environmental policy and of their own responsibilities and given the support and training necessary;
  • Promote a culture in which all employees contribute to the implementation of this policy;
  • Actively promote and improve the amenity of the area by working together with all relevant governmental and non-governmental bodies;
  • Engage and listen to the concerns of our customers, employees, neighbors and the wider community;
  • Remain alert and responsive to developing issues.
  • Continue to work as an active member of the local CLAMS group
  • Create awareness within the company of protected areas in and around the areas that we work.
  • Change over from Blue to Grey Barrels to reduce the visual impact. The blue barrels will be replaced by grey barrels whenever they need to be replaced for maintenance purposes to reduce waste.
  • Purchase only biodegradable hydraulic oil from June 2008